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SANGDAO PERFORMING ARTS SCHOOL (SPAS), or formally known as Aree School of Dance Arts Chiang Mai, was founded in Chiang Mai in 2002. Originally, the school was located on Nimmanhemin Road before relocating to EQ Square on Chiang Mai-Hangdong Road where the school is operating until today.

The school and its curriculum have been approved and licensed by the Royal Thai Government Ministry of Education; Registration no. ชม 020/2545

The school is supervised by Miss Sophatai Kanthatham, ARAD, RAD Registered Teacher and Mr. Glenn van der Hoff, MA. (Performing Arts).


Sangdao Performing Arts School is unique in its own rights, due to the fact that it is the first and the only performing arts school which is supervised by two directors with expertise in Western performing arts. Both directors have acquired their knowledge and experience on Performing Arts and Dance education during their professional dance experience abroad and in Thailand for more than 30 years.

SPAS aims to contribute to the development of high standard dance education and cultural awareness in Chiang Mai. Directors’ international knowledge and experience is directly passed on to the next generation of students and teachers.


It is well recognized that learning performing arts does not only develop one’s emotions and mind (Emotional Intelligence), but also one’s physique. SPAS believes that dance education for children and adults, both female and male can be the basis for higher appreciation and deeper understanding for the arts.

The directors hope that this school will be a meeting point for dance lovers and hopefully will grow into a platform where different artists can meet and exchange their skills and talents with each other and the audience.