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Methods and syllabi



Age requirement is 3 years & 6 months and above.  The method of teaching is meant to prepare the children for Ballet. This course is predominantly focused on developing the capacity of children in a creative and educative way using rhythm, songs and natural movements.

Ballet provides a better and graceful posture and lays foundation for Jazz, Spanish and other types of dance styles.

The ballet curriculum of the Royal Academy of Dance, England, is used at SPAS

1. Grade Syllabi consist of 10 levels from Pre-Primary in Dance to Grade 8 Award

2. Vocational Grade Syllabi consist of 5 levels:

  • Intermediate Foundation
  • Intermediate
  • Advance Foundation
  • Advance 1
  • Advance 2

Benefits of learning Performing Arts

Learning Performing Arts improves your posture through exercise as well as gives you an opportunity to gain confidence, creative abilities, concentration, Emotional Intelligence, discipline and social skills.
Medically, various doctors also advise that learning dance helps correct physical alignment such as Scoliosis (abnormal curving of backbone), Bowed legs (outward curving of the legs), Intoeing/ Pigeon-toed (inner rotation of legs/feet), as well as improve concentration in Hyperactive children.

Furthermore, Performing Arts is a main subject required by many renowned universities in Thailand particularly Chulalongkorn, Thammasat, Srinakarinwirot, Silpakorn,  Mahasarakham and Khon Kaen for matriculation into their faculties of performing arts. One can apply Performing Arts knowledge and skills to pursue his/her career or to be engaged in a part time engagement such as: dance teacher, dancer, performer, performing coach or choreographer.